Governance Programme Document (2011-2015)

03 May 2013 Governance Programme Document (2011-2015)

As a unitary State and constitutional democracy, Zambia acknowledges the supremacy of the constitution in its governance. The constitution has undergone several amendments since the country attained its independence in 1964, including in 1973, when the country was established as a single-party State; in 1991, when multi-party politics were re-introduced; and in 1996, when the criteria for the election to the office of president were changed. Further attempts to review the constitution were made by Government, first by commissioning the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Commission of 2002 and later by setting up the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) to review the Mung’omba draft. Although the NCC produced a Constitution Amendment Bill of 2010, it failed to pass through the National Assembly in March 2011.