In Zambia, UNDP focusses on the triggers to reduce poverty.  The main pillars of engagement involve: i) analytical work to support the Government in assessing its progress to achieve the MDGs, through the publication  of MDG reports and National Human Development Reports; ii) programmes on inclusive development and the MDGs at the local level, and supporting the National AIDS Council to enhance the management and coordination of the HIV response at all levels  iii) advocacy on the importance of civic engagement and volunteerism in development, and more generally, the policy and resource interventions needed to accelerate the achievement of the MDGs  and (iv)  engaging civil society, in particular the youth on the post-2015 consultations on “The Future Zambia Wants”. UNDP is also working with local civil society organisations and Higher Learning Institutions to localize and sharpen existing analytical tools and products on profiling poverty and human development at the local level