Zambia MDGs Progress Report 2003

17 Apr 2013

The MDGs Report is an important tool in setting a platform for dialogue in Zambia on the critical issues of human development. It provides a chance for
another look at the current human development challenges and discuss the Tresponses that can be taken by Government and complemented by her cooperating partners to overcome the challenges. The United Nations system hopes that this dialogue will move beyond debate to the formulation of concrete actions that will help Zambia take significant steps in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
This report is written through a collaborative alliance between Government, Civil Society Organisations under the umbrella of the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), academia, political leaders and the UN Country Team (UNCT). A National MDG Task Force comprising the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, Cabinet Office, CSPR and UNCT was tasked to consult all stakeholders and produce the report that can be nationally owned because it speaks for everyone

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