6 Reduce child mortality

Tracking Progress

The number of under-five deaths dropped from 190.7 per 1,000 live births in 1992 to 119 in 2007. The MDG target is 63.6 by 2015 so further efforts are necessary. Infant mortality has also declined from 107.2 per 1,000 live births in 1992 to 70 in 2007. Similarly, additional action is necessary to reach the target of 35.7 by 2015. Increased access to skilled birth attendance during delivery and higher levels of mothers’ education and nutrition standards reduce many of the common causes of neonatal mortality. Continued and effective child immunization particularly from 0-2 years, scaling up of interventions for prevention and management of common childhood illnesses and promotion and support of appropriate breast feeding and infant and young child feeding practices are strategies and programmes that would need to be intensified for the country to reach this goal.

Targets for MDG4
  1. Reduce by two thirds the mortality rate among children under five
    • Under-five mortality rate
    • Infant mortality rate
    • Proportion of 1 year-old children immunised against measles