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National UN Volunteer -Provincial Sanitation Technical Advisor (TA) - (5 positions)

Organizational Context/Project:     The Zambian water and sanitation sector has been undergoing legal and institutional reform since the nineties. Over the last five years several key documents were revised, approved and published. A new Water Policy was published in February 2010. A National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme 2006– 2015 (NRWSSP) which was MDG based was published in November 2007 and another National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme 2016– 2030 (NRWSSP) which is Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based is being done and soon to be launched. The Sanitation and Hygiene Component 2009–2015 (SHC NRWSSSP), published in June 2009 and launched in October 2011, further details this Component of the NRWSSP. 

Expected Starting Date:  September 2016

* UNV Provincial Sanitation Technical Advisor.pdf
ToR - UNV Provincial Sanitation Technical Advisor