The term “procurement” refers to the process of acquiring goods, works and services. The process spans the whole cycle from identification of needs, choosing adequate procurement methods, sourcing suppliers and evaluation of their offers up to the award of contract. An integral part of the procurement process is the management of the contracts and assets through the whole project life cycle.

UNDP procurement is based on the principles of:

    Best value for money
    Fairness, integrity and transparency
    Effective international competition
    Interest to UNDP (economy, efficiency, equal opportunity to compete, transparency in the procurement process)

UNDP procurement is governed by an Internal Control Framework as well as the norms contained in the Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest, and Impartiality Statements (FDP). In order to provide a faster procurement process and delivery of goods and/or services, UNDP observes the local and international market and negotiates and maintains local Long Term Agreements (LTA) for goods and services that are frequently used by business units and development partners.
The UNDP Zambia Procurement Unit aims to provide quality service and timely, effective and efficient delivery.

Procurement Notices

Request for Proposal - Consultancy to Develop a Programme Implementation and Project Appraisal System for the Ministry of Finance Zambia


The Government of Zambia has given a strategic priority to ensuring that infrastructure is in place to speed up the growth of the economy and reduce higher levels of poverty. This has arisen as Government recognizes that Infrastructure investment plays a central part in the delivery of a wide range of Government goods and services and thus its renewed commitment to excel in its role as the deliverer of public goods and services outlined in the National Development Plan (NDP). This requires investment strategies that will yield the best possible results in terms of quality, quantity, cost and risk. In order to ensure that projects implemented by Government yield its desired outcomes, Government has for some time now been trying to come up with a framework for programme /project implementation. Some of the initiatives that Government has been spearheading include the use of project finance and public investments to fast track implementation of development and infrastructure projects. This however, calls for the need for projects to be technically, legally, financially and economically feasible for Government and the intended beneficiaries to yield maximum benefits. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Zambia, on behalf of the Government of the Repbulic of Zambia, now seeks to recruit a Consultancy Firm to develop a Programme Implementation and Project Appraisal System for the Ministry of Finance.

Request For Proposal -Supervisory services, for the construction of substructures and installation of 39 ART Prefabricated buildings across Zambia for the Ministry of Health, Government of the Republic of Zambia’


The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to acquire services of an architectural/ engineering firm that can supervise the construction of substructures and installation of 39 ART Prefabricated buildings across the country. It is expected that the contracted firm will approve workplans, monitor performance of works, certify completed works and provide timely reports to UNDP. 

Expression of Interest -International Lead Expert for the Preparation of the Project Document - Sustainable Forest Management and Climate Change Adaptation


United Nations Development Programme in Zambia invites applications from qualified consultants to develop a project document. The International Consultant will work in collaboration with the National consultant, and will be responsible for the delivery of the full and final approved Project Document and other detailed outputs as listed in the terms of reference.

Expression of Interest – Consultancy Services under Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability in Agroecological Regions I and II Project in Zambia


The Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock   (MAL) has received funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under a project entitled “Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Agro Ecological Regions I and II” to adapt to the negative effects of climate  change. Therefore, the following consultancy services will be required from suitably qualified professionals:

Long Term Agreement for the Provision of Security Services for the UN Offices in Zambia


The United Nations System in Zambia currently has fourteen (14) accredited Agencies Funds and Programmes (AFPs). Their offices and facilities are located in Lusaka and in other parts of the country and they host high-level meetings involving Government Counterparts, Diplomatic Corp and other international and national organizations.

The UN Resident Coordinator on behalf of the United Nations AFPs represented in Zambia is soliciting   a qualified Security Company for the provision of high quality, exclusive, comprehensive and professionally managed security services for the entire UN System in Zambia. The successful service provider will be required to provide 24/7 security services to mitigate against, but not limited to crime, civil unrest, fire, and the protection of life of UN staff and property.

Proposal for the Physical Verification of Sub-recipients’(SR) Assets in various districts in Zambia


UNDP Zambia in the role as Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund (GF) invites interested Firm/Contractor to submit Proposal for the Physical Verification of Sub-recipients’(SR) Assets in various districts in Zambia.
Request for Proposal (RFP):
The broad objective of the verification exercises is to ascertain the existence of all the assets procured under the GF grants nationwide. In addition, the exercise will determine the state/condition of the assets, location and user and establish whether the assets are properly managed and recorded and used for GF project activities.
SR assets comprise of land, buildings, plant and machinery, vehicles, furniture and fixtures and office equipment distributed across the geographic area of operation of the Ministry of Health (MoH) and Medical Stores Limited (MSL) within the ten provinces in Zambia.

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