The term “procurement” refers to the process of acquiring goods, works and services. The process spans the whole cycle from identification of needs, choosing adequate procurement methods, sourcing suppliers and evaluation of their offers up to the award of contract. An integral part of the procurement process is the management of the contracts and assets through the whole project life cycle.

UNDP procurement is based on the principles of:

    Best value for money
    Fairness, integrity and transparency
    Effective international competition
    Interest to UNDP (economy, efficiency, equal opportunity to compete, transparency in the procurement process)

UNDP procurement is governed by an Internal Control Framework as well as the norms contained in the Financial Disclosure and Declaration of Interest, and Impartiality Statements (FDP). In order to provide a faster procurement process and delivery of goods and/or services, UNDP observes the local and international market and negotiates and maintains local Long Term Agreements (LTA) for goods and services that are frequently used by business units and development partners.
The UNDP Zambia Procurement Unit aims to provide quality service and timely, effective and efficient delivery.

Applications for the Small Grants Projects for Development Minerals

The United Nations Development Programme in Zambia invites applications from qualified Small Scale Mine Entrepreneurs/Mining associations/Civil Society Organization/Community groups/Academia for the following Grants:

General Requirements:

Applicants should have at least participated in one of the Training of Trainers Country Training Workshop under the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme in partnership with the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development. The trainings were aimed   at enhancing environmental, mine and quarry business management skills for as small scale mining entrepreneurs operating in the development minerals sector, civil society organizations, community groups, training centers and government and local government agencies. Each trainee was tasked to develop a Return to Work Plan to promote continuity of the trainings.

All Applications should be received not later than Friday, 15th September, 2017 at 17:00hrs Zambian time indicating the assignment being applied for in the Subject. Interested individuals should submit their applications by email only.

Please ensure that your project proposal is clear and concise, preferably between 08-10 pages, excluding the attachments. Ensure that your submission is complete and received via email to: (not exceeding 10mb).                         

Invitation to Bid For The Construction of 4 Fast Track And User Friendly Courts To Deal With Gender Based Violence Cases In Zambia Lusaka, Zambia UNDP/Zambia No. ITB/005/2017

The United Nations Development Programme (Zambia),  invities  applications for bids for the Construction of Four Fast Track and User frinedly courts in the following locations: Ndola, Livingstone, Mongu and Chipata and associated works.

All bids are subject to the Instructions to Bidders and such other provisions, specifications and instructions as are attached or incorporated herein by reference (hereinafter collectively called " Invitation to Bid” or “ITB"). Solicitation documents hereunder include:

This ITB includes the following documents:

Section 1 – This Letter of Invitation

Section 2 – Instructions to Bidders (including Data Sheet)

Section 3 – Schedule of Requirements and Technical Specifications

Section 4 – Bid Submission Form

Section 5 – Documents Establishing the Eligibility and Qualifications of the Bidder

Section 6 – Technical Bid Form

Section 7 – Price Schedule Form

Section 8 – Form for Bid Security

Section 9 – Form for Performance Security

Section 10 –Form for Advanced Payment Guarantee

Section 11 – Contract to be Signed, including General Terms and Conditions Annexes: Including relevant drawings, geotechnical surveys, and other relevant documentation

A pre-bid conference will take place to facilitate bidders about the proposed construction works and to familiarize with the UNDP procurement process

Deadline for Submission of Bids: 25th August, 2017 at 12.00hours (Zambian time)

Invitation to bid for the Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of temperature control equipment and systems for Medical Stores Limited (MSL) central warehouse in Lusaka, Zambia

United Nations Development Programme in Zambia, as a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) Programme, requests bids from qualified bidders for the following goods, works and services:

Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of temperature control equipment and systems for Medical Stores Limited (MSL) central warehouse in Lusaka, Zambia


Completed bids must be received no later than the dates indicated below:        

Tuesday 19th September, 12:00 Noon (Zambian time)

Completed bids with supporting documents in accordance with the bidding documents should be deposited into the tender box to the address below;

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Zambia)

UN House, 9350 Alick Nkhata Rd, P.O. Box 31966, Lusaka, Zambia

Subject: ITB/GF/008/2017
Deadline for Submission of Bids: 19th September, 2017 at 12:00 Noon (Zambian time)

Alternatively, completed bids with supporting documents in accordance with the bidding documents can be submitted electronically to the following official address:

Bids will be evaluated by the Evaluation Team in accordance with internationally accepted practices. The UN reserves the right to accept or reject, in part or whole, any or all of the bids at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. Further, the UN does not bind itself in any way to select the firm offering the lowest price.   

The costs of preparing the bids and of negotiating the contract are not reimbursable by the UNDP.

Bids must be valid for 120 days from the last day of bid submission. UNDP will make its best effort to select a firm within this period.

Clarifications may be sent to Thomas Monde or Tom Musonda using the email addresses; and

                                        Telephone enquiries will not be entertained