Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ)-United Nations Development Programme Governance Programme

About the Project

 Some Zambian Parliamentarians explaining the work of the National Assembly to a group of citizens during a UNDP-supported outreach program.

This project builds on previous initiatives implemented by Government from its own resources and those supported by cooperating partners. These initiatives largely focused on technical skills development, pay reform and right-sizing the public service. The current programme provides a comprehensive approach which integrates legal frameworks such as the constitution and capacity development challenges such as results orientation and mindset change. On one hand the development of a sustainable national legal framework will positively impact on enhancing governance in Zambia with emphasis on increased access to human rights, public services and dignity of individual citizens. On the other hand, addressing mind-set change and institutional transformation will facilitate and increase in results-orientation and performance enhancement in the public sector. The Programme will also facilitate public engagement and accountability through the promotion of stakeholder engagement and addressing challenges associated with public access to information and on development programmes and national processes.

 Implementing Partners: Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice, the Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution, National Assembly of Zambia, Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), Human Rights Commission, Electoral Commission of Zambia

 Total Budget : US $7,280,000


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