Adaptation to the effects of climate change and variability in agro-ecological regions I and II.

About the Project;

The project emanates from the National Adaptation Plan of Action which highlights the vulnerability of Zambian farmers to the effects of climate hazards, such as, drought, flooding, extreme temperatures and prolonged dry spells. The project aims to mainstream adaptation measures into planning at all levels and test adaptation interventions, such as, water management (water harvesting) to protect and improve agricultural incomes from the effects of climate change.

The project which has sites located in Lusaka, Southern, Western and Eastern Provinces of Zambia started in January 2010 and is scheduled to end in December 2013. Its expected results include:

Climate change risks integrated into critical decision-making processes for agricultural management at the local, sub-national and national levels

Agricultural productivity in the pilot sites made resilient to the anticipated impacts of climate change

National fiscal, regulatory and development policy revised to promote adaptation responses in the agricultural sector

Knowledge and lessons learned to support implementation of adaptation measures compiled and disseminated

Implementing Partner: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

Accomplishments to Date

Weather monitoring for climate-risk management at local level is now possible because each of the Project’s 8 sites has been equipped with sets of automatic weather equipment. In addition, local agricultural extension staff has been trained, and these have in turn been training local farmers and communities in climate change adaptation techniques, including: crop diversification, conservation agriculture, and non-farming livelihood systems such as bee keeping and mushroom production.    

 Furthermore, after a delayed start, progress has been made towards the enhancement of water supply sources (earth dams, boreholes and water canals from perennial rivers). Progress across the project sites varies from the award of  a construction contract to the completion of preparatory work for invitation of applications for construction contracts. 

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