Lake Tanganyika Integrated Management Programme – Zambia Component (Catchment management through sedimentation control)

About the Project

The project strengthens the enabling frameworks and capacities for managing the National Protected Areas system in Zambia and recommends appropriate policy, regulatory and governance frameworks in order to provide new tools for public-private-community-civil society management partnerships. It also aims at strengthening and enhancing existing institutional capacities for improved protected areas monitoring and evaluation and business investment planning. The project which is located in Lake Tanganyika, Mpulungu and Kaputa Districts in Northern Provinces started in May 2008 and is scheduled to end in June 2013.

 Implementing partner: Ministry Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental protection

Key Accomplishments

Key accomplishments: To date the project’s achievements include the following:

  • Project’s 11 communities trained in alternative income generating activities, business management, processing of agricultural and Non Timber Forest Products, sustainable farming practices and  forest management; water quality monitoring,  leadership and capacity building for local governance structures; furrow  maintenance and irrigation methods that do not promote sedimentation; conduct  a training workshop in conjunction with World Agro forest Centre (ICRAF) on tree selection and management, training stakeholders in identification and management of invasive species (IUCN);
  • Community natural resources management plans and by-laws prepared and enforced;
  • Community commercial woodlot production along supporting woodlot nurseries; This includes 10 schools now cultivating woodlot nurseries;
  • Establishment of a revolving fund designed to promote environmentally-friendly income generating activities among the project’s target communities. The revolving scheme has been transferred to a local institution in the project area in order to ensure.

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