Reducing UPOPs and Mercury Releases from the Health Sector in Africa

About the Project

UNDAF Outcome(s):                                                             

Zambia (2011 – 2015)

UNDAF Outcome 3: Vulnerable people living in Zambia have improved quality of life and well being by 2015.

3.1UNDAF Output; Government and partners improve equitable access of vulnerable groups18[1] to quality health, nutrition, water and sanitation services by 2015.


UNDP Strategic Plan Environment and Sustainable Development Primary Outcome:

Outcome 3:  Countries have strengthened institutions to progressively deliver universal access to basic services and SP

Outcome 7:  Development debates and actions at all levels prioritize poverty, inequality and exclusion, consistent with our engagement principles.


Expected CP Outcome(s):

Zambia UNDP Country Programme Outcome (2011 – 2015)

1.1.1 Government and partner institutions have technical skills upgraded to revise and implement policies according to the latest guidelines.

Expected CPAP Output (s)

Zambia  - Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2011 – 2015 Outputs:

4.3.1 Mechanisms upgraded and functional to ratify/domesticate conventions on biodiversity conservation, combating desertification, climate change, ozone depletion substances, water and CITES.

4.3.3 Plans and mechanisms established by Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection to promote environmental awareness at national and local levels.

4.3.4 Technical and operational capabilities developed in targeted Government institutions to introduce cleaner production practices and renewable energy alternatives.


Implementing PartnersExecuting Entity/Implementing Partner:

Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Health

Implementing Entity/Responsible Partners

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