Small Grants to NGOs/CBOs for enhancement of community capacities in the environmental protection and natural resources management in areas surrounding the Kafue and West Lunga National Parks

About the Project

The project aims at strengthening the capacity for environmental protection and natural resources management for communities around Kafue and West Lunga National Parks, through increased knowledge in resource management and promotion of sustainable alternative livelihoods using the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants model. The GEF Small Grants model is based on mobilizing communities to identify environmental degradation and natural resources management challenges and address them through training in natural resources management, rehabilitation of degraded areas, and promotion of alternative livelihoods.

Interventions will contribute to:

  • Effective management of the natural resources around Kafue and West Lunga National Parks, which are currently environmental hot spots in terms of resource depletion.
  • Poverty reduction among these communities through introduction of sustainable livelihoods

Implementing Partner: Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection with delegated coordination to a local NGO, Keepers Zambia Foundation, which is the Host Institution.

Budget: $1,040,000 (UNDP - $140,000, Danish Government - $900,000, Government of the Republic of Zambia, in kind $343,000, Keepers Zambia Foundation in kind).


Accomplishments: The project implementation period is January – December 2013

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