Strengthening Management Effectiveness and Generating Multiple Environmental Benefits Within and Around Protected Areas in Zambia

About the Project

To ensure that the biodiversity and carbon sinks of Zambia – particularly those critical forest landscapes in selected protected areas (including core National Parks and buffer Game Management Areas) – are better protected from threats through improved management effectiveness at the institutional level; sustainable forestry management practices and integrated land use planning at the local level; and application of appropriate low-carbon, biomass- energy technologies.

 This will be achieved through:

 Improving the management effectiveness and financial sustainability of core areas of the PA system (biodiversity)

  • Expansion of core PAs through increased protection e.g. Partnership Park, Game Reserve
  • Reduction in wildfires, poaching, illegal harvesting of wood products,
  • Reduction in funding gap of PAs
  • Reducing conflicting land uses in the buffer zone Game Management Areas (GMAs) (Land Degradation) 
  •  Improvement in land use governance
  • Controlled agriculture – reduce excessive clearing of forests
  • Adoption of sustainable land management and conservation farming
  • Reduce deforestation and degradation rates
  • Reforestation projects
  • Establishment of community woodlots supplying kilns (original proposal)
  • Increasing energy efficiencies to reduce deforestation and carbon emissions in the GMAs (Climate Change)
  • Improved data collection and monitoring of biomass energy and charcoal  production use
  • Adoption of low charcoal production technologies to reduce emissions (kilns)
  • Sustainable charcoal production – viable livelihood activity
  • Carbon financing pilot 

Implementing Partner: ZAWA

Other stakeholders: Government ministries, the private sector, Civil Society Organisations and local and indigenous communities.

Budget: Total implementation budget up to 2015 - $612,000 (GEF $150,000, Co-Finance $462,000, UNDP $132,000 and Government in kind, $330,000)

Accomplishments: Project implementation will begin once the project document has been developed. A consultant has been contracted to develop project document.

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