Joint Programme on HIV&AIDS

Strengthening Coordination and Management of the Multi-sectoral and Decentralized Response to HIV&AIDS

About the Project: ZMB 10/00077336

Implemented by the National AIDS Council (NAC) and the Ministry of Health, the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS aims to support a nationally-owned, well-coordinated and rights-based multi-sectoral response to HIV&AIDS at all levels in Zambia.

 Under “Support to strengthening coordination of the HIV&AIDS multi-sectoral response at all levels”, the key joint actions include: finalization of AIDS Policy Review and dissemination; domestication of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). Agreement and development of operational guidelines; integration of decentralized response structures in established Local Councils structures; and strengthening HIV&AIDS response coordination and management in major and emerging cities.

UNDP’s Capacity development support for sustained response focuses on the following joint initiatives: exploration of innovative and sustainable domestic financing mechanisms; support to develop capacity for simultaneous mainstreaming of gender, human rights and HIV&AIDS in key sectors; needs/impact assessments, strategic plan, budgets, programme and workplaces (private, public and CS);  strengthening community response systems; development of private-public partnerships in responding to localized aspects driving the epidemic; strengthening CSOs’ cohesion and adherence to set minimum standards for community response to HIV&AIDS; and promoting learning exchanges on workplace programming through the UN Cares Programme .

 With regards to the component on strengthened harmonized M&E and research, UNDP through the UN Joint Team supports the National AIDS Council (NAC) and collaborates with other partners to ensure that there is a functional M&E system that has taken cognizance of one of the “3-Ones principle” of having a comprehensive national M&E framework. The Joint Team also supports research and surveys including meeting reporting obligations such as UNGASS Country Report, Most At Risk Populations (MARPs) study advocacy, efficiency and effectiveness studies, impact evaluations and best practices documentation.

Participating Agencies in Response Coordination and Management Pillar

  • UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
  • UNAIDS – Joint United Nations Programme on HIV&AIDS
  • ILO – International Labour Organization
  • UNFPA – United Nations Population Fund
  • UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Fund
  • WB – World Bank

What have we accomplished so far

  • Development of the stakeholder’s e-mapping system: which provides local data at ward level on stakeholders involved in the response as well as tracking progress towards set targets. The tool is already being used to inform the planning and programming at decentralized levels.
  • Strategic engagement of local authorities through the Local Government Association and AMICAALL. Training of Local Authorities in operationalizing   the new Decentralized Response Coordination Toolkit developed to improve coordination of the response at sub-national levels (province, districts and ward levels.  This has enabled local authorities to have their declarations translated into policies that address the local epidemic.  Another outcome of this engagement has been the commitment of resources by local authorities to support the local response. Livingstone City Council, for example, has pledged to commit 0.5% its total budget to support the local response.

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