Zambia Tuberculosis (TB) Program Stop TB Strategic Plan Implementation Update

Round 7 TB

About the Project:  Project No. 00079589

 The aim of the project is to strengthen the national capacity for the response to TB by improving access to both first line and second line anti-TB drugs and facilitate diagnosis through the procurement of the necessary drugs and related diagnostic supplies. The project is supporting the National TB Program (NTP) to strengthen its monitoring and evaluation system.  Furthermore, it seeks to increase service delivery capacity among partners by supporting provincial and national technical meetings. Resources are allocated to support External Quality Assurance (EQA) of laboratories in the country and the strengthening of TB/HIV collaborative activities at provincial level.   
The targets for the program in line with the Millennium Development Goal number 6 are: to halt and begin to reverse the incidence of TB by 2015; to reduce prevalence of and deaths due to TB by 50% in 2015; and to eliminate TB as a public health problem by 2050.

What we have accomplished so far

UNDP Zambia has managed to sign for a grant for approximately USD9 million for this Project and has so far received about USD 6.2million of that amount. As of December 2012, USD 5.2 million was spent on 1st and 2nd lines TB drugs, Lab reagents, External Quality Assurance of TB labs, M&E technical support and storage and distribution of TB drugs.
The Project has positively contributed to the performance of the National TB Programme as it can be seen from the following core national indicators for the period ending December 2012: Out of a total of 220 laboratories, 160 were covered by External Quality Assurance which represent 73% coverage; 12,645 new cases of smear positive TB were notified out of the target of 15, 868 cases which is 80% achieved; 10,523 new smear positive TB patients were successfully treated which is 88% of treatment success rate compared to 87% in 2011. 39,543 registered TB patients were tested for HIV which is 87% achieved compared to the expected achievement of 86% and 14,471 TB/HIV co-infected patients were put on ART treatment.

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