Scaling-up prevention and impact mitigation and strengthening health systems; and Securing and Sustaining Equitable Access to ART commodities and services

Round 8 and 10 HIV

About the Projects:  Project No. 00079742 and 00079743

These projects aim to enhance the effectiveness of the national HIV and AIDS programme by maintaining and expanding treatment. The Round 10 Project is implemented at the same time with the Round 8 Project. Essentially, they are intended to ensure continuation and scale-up of interventions initiated under the Round 4 Project, whose primary objective was to scale-up access to antiretroviral therapy as well as maintain blood security.  

The Projects, therefore, seek to scale up prevention and impact mitigation and strengthen health systems as well as provide for the national ARV needs, due to a higher than expected scale-up of the ART programme.  The project targets the entire country’s population, with specific emphasis on key affected populations, women, People Living with HIV/AIDS PLHIV), youths, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and people with disabilities.  The projects support access to ART and HIV Testing and Counseling services in all districts in Zambia, building on existing national strategies, including Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT); and Blood Security services to 132 Blood Transfusion outlets. Moreover, the project seeks to increase capacity among national partners.  

The overall goal of the Projects is to prevent, halt and begin to reverse the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS in Zambia.

What we have accomplished so far

UNDP Zambia has signed a total amount of USD 142.7 million for the two projects combined of which USD 104.9 million has already been disbursed by the GF. As at the end of December 2012, UDS 90 million was spent on ARVs, HIV test Kits, LAB reagents, trainings of Health Workers in PMTCT and use of Smartcare, training Community Health Workers in PMTCT and storage and distribution of drugs and health products.
The Projects have positively contributed to the Country’s HIV/AIDS response. It can be seen from the following achievements in the core national indicators for the period ending December 2012: 8,845,031 condoms were distributed to end users free of charge to health facilities; 2,138,961 people were counseled and tested for HIV; 84,351 pregnant women are receiving ARV for PMTCT and 42,640 children are on ART.

Capacity Development and Transition Plan (CDTP)
The Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration with UNDP Zambia has designed a prioritized and sequenced Institutional Capacity Development and Transition Plan   under which the Ministry will assume its role of Principal Recipient of the Global Fund grants. The Plan is also intended to build on gaps identified by on-going assessments of the Ministry of Health including audits, and prioritized needs identified by the Ministry.

About the CDTP

The Plan was developed through a broad consultative process with MOH management and staff members, Cooperating Partners on Health, the United Nations Working Group, Ministry of Finance and National Planning and other stakeholders.  The Plan has been endorsed by the Country Coordinating Mechanism and approved by the Global Fund.

It is a 24 months’ plan with a total budget of USD 3 million focusing on the following functional areas:
•    Programme Management
•    Financial Management and Systems
•    Procurement and Supply Management
•    Monitoring and Evaluation

What we have accomplished so far:
Programme Management – The MOH PMU offices have been established and staff recruited for the PMU. The orientation in GF procedures and team building workshop was held for the PMU and the PMU Staff skills assessment has been conducted.
Financial Management and Systems – The equipment for the installation of the Financial management system has been procured. Working on the installation and training modalities. A consultant to come up with standard Operating Procedures for the MOH PMU has been hired.
Procurement and Supply Management – The MOH has rolled out New Procurement standard Operating Procedural manuals. The Project partnered in finalizing and printing the documents. The training of staff in the New Procedures is underway.
Monitoring and Evaluation – The Project has assisted the MOH to update the Health Management Information system (HMIS) tools to align them with the National and International standards. The tools were revised, printed and distributed. The HMIS Procedural manual is also updated. The training of trainers from all the Districts in the New HMIS tools has been conducted. The server for the HMIS has been procured and 60 Laptops for District Information Officers have also been procured.

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