ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme

About the Programme

This project will provide capacity-building support to the small-scale private sector, the associations/chambers, the public institutions and the social stakeholders that operate in the low value minerals and materials sector.

The project will enhance the capacities of these entities to increase the sector’s productivity; better manage mining operations; adhere to national and international environmental and health standards; and prevent conflict through effective community relations. The project’s focus on small-scale processing activities will have the greatest impact on local employment generation and sustainable development.

The project meets the concerns raised during the debate involving ministries of ACP countries in charge of the mineral sector held in Brussels in October 2012. The meeting highlighted the need for strengthened capacities of public authorities and officials working in the mining sector through inter-regional cooperation.

Such capacities are necessary for sustainable development of sound local small-scale private sector. Therefore, the actions proposed in this project are in line with the prioritization identified in the ACP Group Road Map for the development of the mineral resources sector.

Project Objectives

The overall objective of this proposed project is to foster the sustainable and inclusive development of the mineral resources industry in ACP countries. The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Enhancing employment and incomes, including employment and incomes of women
  2. Improving the policy and regulatory environment
  3. Minimizing environmental impacts on communities
  4. Addressing individual and community rights and preventing conflict
  5. Ensuring decent working conditions
  6. Facilitating South-South cooperation and cross-country learning

Implementing Partners

Ministry of Mines

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