Zambia Technical Facility for Strategic Response to Government of Zambia 2012-2015

About the Project

The Technical Facility for Strategic Response to the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) 2012-2015 is aimed at enhancing the attainment of national development results and is implemented by the Ministry of Finance. These results are embodied in the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP) and the UNDP 2011-2015 Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) agreed with the Government. Additionally, the facility aims to contribute to the institutionalisation and proritisation, within government, of human development in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of development policies, strategies and programmes.

 Accordingly, the facility focusses on sustainable human development, and emerging priorities,  which will enable the Government and UNDP to respond, with technical assistance for assessments; strategic policy advisory services;  programme development and implementation, in 4 areas, namely:

i) Inclusive growth, resilience to shocks and poverty analysis;

ii) Public policies, effective service delivery and accelerated achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs);

iii) Political economy and institutional drivers of human development; and

iv) National MDG Reports and Human Development Reports.

What we have accomplished so far

One notable achievement of the Technical Facility was the provincial dissemination of the 2011 Zambia Human Development Report (ZHDR) and the 2011 MDG Report for Zambia countrywide.  The rich discussions around the key findings of the ZHDR, focused on Service Delivery for Sustainable Human Development in agriculture, education, health, water and sanitation. This led to the Government prioritizing these four sectors in the 2013 national budget and in the successive medium and long term plans.

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