UNDP Support to Zambia's electoral system - Advancement of Technology Integrated

The Government of the Republic of Zambia commited K70 billion to Continuous Voter Registration exercise in 2010 budget and UNDP including other cooperating partners pledged to support lectoral Commission of Zambia and the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship to implement Support to the Electoral Cycle: 2009-2012 -project.

Government of the Republic of Zambia has since passing legislation on Continuous Voter Registration, attached high priority on its implementation. To this effect, Government has in its 2010 budget committed K70 billion to carry out a nationwide Continuous Voter Registration exercise. Given the importance of the Voter’s Register in facilitating the population to exercise its rights to vote, cooperating partners, Canada, European Commission, Finland, Netherlands and United Nations Development Programme have agreed to support the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship to implement the  “Support to the Electoral Cycle: 2009-2012.” Of which Continuous Voter Registration is one of the objectives of the project. 

The process of Continuous Voter Registration envisages translating the current static voters’ register into a permanent register that will capture Zambian Citizens that attain the age of 18 and are in possession of a Zambian National Registration Card (NRC) to be registered as voters by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) electronically. The Voters Roll used in 2008 and in previous elections does not allow for a voter that has migrated to another polling district to cast their vote without re-registering in the current voter’s area of residence. Therefore, the transferring of voters from one constituency to another, checking for duplication of voters, and dealing with deceased voters will be carried out using electronic and biometric technologies, and in turn enhance the Voters Register in Zambia’s election in 2011. 

Technology of this nature is expected to enhance synergies with the enhancements to the national register that will be supported by the above cooperating partners as well. In all, the plan will strengthen national institutions as well as enhance a myriad of democratic structures that will bring inherent transformation in the Zambian People for heightened participation in electoral processes.

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