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An initiative on diversification of tradable products from protected areas is in the making

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) strategic vision is to help countries meet their sustainable development needs and achieve multiple environmental benefits through an integrated approach. GEF has approved funding to Zambia to support the Strengthening Management Effectiveness and Generating Mulmore


Bangweulu Wetlands “Where the water meets the sky”

Bangweulu Wetlands is the only place in Africa where the Black Lechwe still occurs in significant numbers. The population in 2005 was estimated at 35,000 but the area has the potential to carry up to 350,000 Black Lechwe. The wetlands are classified as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife Internationamore


Building Environmental Sustainability, One Village at a Time

Peter Kilalo, a 25-year-old community teacher from the village of Kaminzekezeke in north-western Zambia, has been recently appointed to serve as the local “Muzovu” or Awareness Project Officer. His task is to provide environmental awareness lessons to elementary school children in the north-western more


Creating Environmental Awareness Among Zambian Children

20 Jan 2014

Planting a tree, learning how rain forms and playing games about the circle of life are among things that have helped many children understand and appreciate the importance of their natural surroundings, but these extra-curricular activities are not always available to school-children in regions of more


Women Take Leading Role in Tackling Climate Change Risks and Poverty

Climate change is not just a concern for environmentalists anymore. Increasingly, more than 2,000 small-scale famers, mostly women from Zambia’s Kanzungula District in the Southern Province are taking a leading role in tackling the risks of a changing global climate that is leading to more severe wemore

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