The UNDP has always been part of the response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Zambia, from the mid 1980s. Now, together with the Joint UN Team on AIDS the UNDP is working to provide capacity development and technical assistance to respond to the epidemic to strengthen local institutions.

Our Support

Regarding, the HIV response, UNDP Zambia works within the framework of the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV&AIDS 2011-2015, convening UN Agencies on response management and coordination. This support is well aligned to the National HIV&AIDS Strategic Framework (NASF) 2011-2015 priorities. UNDP is the temporary Principal Recipient (PR) of the Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to support the Ministry of Health (MoH) to ensure a continuous supply of commodities as an integral part of the programme, policy and advocacy support to strengthen national health delivery system.

UNDP's support towards the fight against HIV/AIDS in Zambia

UNDP works to prevent the spread of HIV infection and reduce its impact. As a co-sponsor of UN Joint Programme, UNDP helps countries put HIV&AIDS at the centre of national development and poverty reduction strategies.more

Our Stories

Community Response Sub-Granting for Localized Response to HIV&AIDS: Impact Mitigation

The case of Sinazongwe is testimony to ability of the DATF, with facilitation by the Local Authority, to manage resources transparently and beneficial to targeted beneficiaries.more 

Local Leadership on Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Strengthening HIV Response Coordination and Management

NAC has received sustained support from UNJT on energizing local leadership and mobilization of domestic resources for local response to HIV&AIDS.  That support has concentrated onmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS

    Implemented by the National AIDS Council (NAC) and the Ministry of Health, the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS aims to support a nationally-owned, well-coordinated and rights-based multi-sectoral response to HIV&AIDS at all levels in Zambiamore 

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