Poverty Reduction


The UNDP has always been part of the response to the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Zambia, from the mid 1980s. Now, together with the Joint UN Team on AIDS the UNDP is working to provide capacity development and technical assistance to respond to the epidemic to strengthen local institutions.

Our Goals

UNDP is also working with local civil society organisations and Higher Learning Institutions to localize and sharpen existing analytical tools and products on profiling poverty and human development at the local levelmore

Towards the Millenium Development Goals

Zambia made significant progress towards meeting the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) particularly in primary school enrollment, child malnutrition and the fight against malaria.more

Our Stories

UNDP Partners with the community in Mwanjawantu - Life comes back to Ms. Anna Sakala

In the south of Petauke district lies a village called Kaumbwe in Mwanjawantu; 40kms off great east road in Chief Mwanjawantu’s area.  Mwanjawantu residents are dependentmore 

UNDP Partners with the community in Mwanjawantu - Nothing is impossible: Mr. Rabson Tembo’s Story

Mr Tembo, who is a physically challenged person, is 23 years of age and lives in Mwanjawantu in a village known as Kazindilo, 5 kms frommore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • The Technical Facility for Strategic Response to the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) 2012-2015 is aimed at enhancing the attainment of national development results and is implemented by the Ministry of Financemore 

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