Climate Change Funds Coming Soon

Feb 20, 2017

National Planning Minister, Lucky Malusa is optimistic that Zambia could soon receive funding from the Global Climate Fund (GCF) worth millions of Kwacha to fight the effects of climate change.

Mr. Mulusa said indications were that the GCF could approve Zambia’s climate change programmes, following a successful trip by the Government officials to the GCF Secretariat in South Korea in January.

Mr. Malusa, other Government officials and representatives of the private sector held discussions with the GCF in Songdo to seek approval of funding for the country’s climate change programmes, which included improving that national early warning system and measures to mitigate effects on the energy and agricultural sectors.

In November 2015, Zambia and GCF signed a readiness agreement and the fund provided US$300 million.

Meanwhile, the GCF has said that Zambia has shown leadership in combating adverse effects of climate change, this was because the country has established a national designated authority to deal with GCF issues and has identified three Zambian organisations as potential GCF accredited entities.

Source: Times of Zambia