Norwegian Partners (NOREPS) to visit Zambia in Support of the Solar for Health Project

Mar 24, 2017

UNDP in Zambia in collaboration with Ministry of Health (MoH) and Medical Stores Limited recently agreed and signed a project called Solar for Health. This project aims at increasing the proportion of solar energy in the energy supply of the health facilities, thereby increasing the number of health facilities with access to electricity and improving health care. One of the key sponsors of the Project is NOREPS the Norwegian consortium of innovative partners, government and private sector organisations. The NOREPS are coming to Zambia for three objectives namely:

  • Verify the equipment donated to MSL and others, and to identify additional needs of the MoH;
  • Work on a Solar for health demonstration project showing MoH capacity and solar systems from Norwegian source;
  • Interact with Zambian stakeholders to establish networks critical for continued solar equipment value chain interventions;
  • Visit some sites where the equipment has been/will be installed.
  • The NOREPS bring a wealth of experience, expertise and equipment into the Zambian market that will greatly enhance the prospects of Zambia’s effort to provide clean, sustainable and reliable energy to health sector and beyond for public and private sector use. 

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