Sustainable Resettlement Programme of former refugees in Zambia recieves $2,087, 000

May 10, 2017

The Government of Japan handed over a cheque worth Two Million, Eighty Seven Thousand Dollars ($2, 087,000) towards the Programme for Sustainable Resettlement of Former Refugees in Zambia during the occasion of the National Advisory Group. The cheque was received by the Permanent Secretary Office of the Vice -President on behalf of the Zambian Government and the United Nations Resident Coordinator, Janet Rogan on behalf of the UN who are Programme Managers.

The quest for an effective method to enable the shift from a humanitarian approach to long-term sustainable development in dealing with cases of protracted displacement is long-standing. However, it is also relevant to dealing with new cases of large-scale displacement from crises situations, as early local integration interventions can enable displaced populations to find a Durable Solution through which they can contribute to the overall social, cultural and economic development of their host countries and communities.

In 2016 the Government of Zambia, through the Department of Resettlement under the Office of the Vice-President, with support from UN Agencies under UNDP coordination, agreed to continue the implementation of the Local Integration Strategy, spearheaded by the Office of the Commissioner for Refugees under the Ministry of Home Affairs and UNHCR in 2014. 

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