UNDP statement on erroneous Washington Post Monkey Cage blog concerning UNDP’s role in the 2016 Zambia elections

Sep 20, 2016

Statement on erroneous Washington Post Monkey Cage blog concerning UNDP’s role in the 2016 Zambia elections

The United Nations entities do not observe or monitor elections except in rare case where they are specifically mandated by the United Nations Security Council or the General Assembly to do so. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) did not observer or monitor the elections in Zambia since it did not have any such mandate. UNDP’s support to the 2016 Zambia elections was of technical nature as laid out in the 2015-2017 Electoral Cycle Support Project.

Through this Project, UNDP provides technical and advisory assistance to the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other stakeholders, including the media, the Zambia Police Service, political parties and civil society to build their institutional capacities to help deliver quality elections. Specifically this includes:

· Working with the Electoral Commission of Zambia to improve overall institutional effectiveness; heighten integrity of the outcome of elections through timely, accurate and secure vote counting and tallying processes; and conduct media training on the electoral process and fair and balanced reporting;

· Engaging with political parties to prepare for elections and support more women in leadership;

· Working with the Human Rights Commission and Zambia Police on human rights codes and impartial policing, and strengthening early warning, incident mapping, and alternative peaceful dispute resolution mechanisms;

· Working with civil society through Voter Education Committees to ensure standardised messaging of voter education materials.

The voter roll audit in Zambia was not conducted by UNDP. The auditors were selected and contracted by the Election Commission of Zambia.

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