Accountability and Transparency

We focus on strengthening accountability mechanisms through legal reforms and institutional strengthening for corruption risk assessments. We provide platforms for civil society to strengthen their capacities in advocacy, policy engagement and for increased demand for transparency and accountability from public institutions on utilization of public resources and from private sector regarding financial flows.

Deepening Democracy

We support strengthening of duty bearer’s capacities for effective law-making, representation and oversight. On the demand side, we support rights holder’s capacity and engagement to advocate for quality delivery of basic services. This includes promoting partnerships for electoral cycle support including legislative frameworks, institutional strengthening of electoral management bodies, media, civil society and women’s participation.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

Gender equality and empowerment of women is at the heart of UNDP programming support. We therefore support the development of a gender responsive legal and regulatory frameworks for effective rights based and equitable approaches to development planning. We work towards fulfilment of women and girls’ rights to fully participate in the economic, social and political development of the country, and influencing positive social norms and cultural practices for addressing patriarchy, gender-based violence and access to justice.

Human Rights

We promote strengthening institutional capacities and systems to monitor implementation and adherence of international and regional human rights instruments. This includes   strengthening rights holder’s engagement to increase access to information and the enjoyment of fundamental freedoms to better advocate and monitor human rights to hold duty bearers accountable.

$565 million


Every year, UNDP invests on average US$565 million to support inclusive governance and development where it most affects people: at the local level.

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